2019 Christmas Lunch

Another season been and gone … didn’t that year fly by.  On Thursday December 5th, we all got together for our annual Christmas lunch at the Brighton Savoy.  As usual it was a great day with Raylene busy snapping photos.

2019 Huntingdale “C” Grade Champion

Why, we wonder, is this on our website.  Well, the Huntingdale “C” grade Champion is none other than our Life Member, Raylene Grapsas.   Go Raylene!!!!

2019 Champion of Champions

On Monday November 25th, Venora and Yvonne went out to Waterford Valley Golf Club where Venora was playing in the Champion of Champions event and Yvonne in the League Championship.
Both represented Nepean admirably and Yvonne did manage the NTP prize.
Well done girls.

2019 AGM

Our AGM was held at the Pavilion on November 14 –  52 members attending.

The most important part of the meeting was the election of a new Life Member Maureen Stewart for outstanding contribution to the club over her 21 years at Nepean. 
She has held the offices of Vice President, President, Trustee, VGL Delegate and most recently Almoner. 
In the words of her granddaughter Lucy – she is “Hands down the most elegant, kind, moral, funny, resourceful, decent and exquisitely kind and wise woman I have ever, and will ever know. A class act, in the true sense of the expression”.   We think that covers our Maureen and we are proud to have her as our newest Life Member.

The new committee was elected with 2 members retiring – Raylene Grapsas and Judy Evans, with Carole Schmoll and Noeleen Dix joining the committee.

After the completion of the AGM, the 2019 prizes were awarded by outgoing President Rosie McLean.

Sandy Wannachet –
Best Handicap Reduction 22.4%
Jenny Mealor & Sandy Wannachet –
Pairs Champions
Jane Belcher –
Nepean Rose Bowl
Maryanne O’Connell –
Life Members Trophy
Penny Price –
Captains Trophy
Jenny Mealor & Sandy Wannachet –
Nepean Foursomes
Tessa Killmister & Maryanne O’Connell runner/up
Veterans’ Trophy – Veteran
Ann Thomas –
Veterans’ Trophy – Senior
Sandy Wannachet –
Veterans’ Trophy – Junior
Cathy Linklater –
Presidents Trophy
Venora Smith –
Club Champion
Yvonne Lord –
B Grade Champion
Sandy Wannachet –
C Grade Champion
Sandy Wannachet –
C Grade Champion
Eleanor Douglas –
Pat Hughes Putting Trophy
Sue Callil –
9 Hole Champion
Stella Torrance –
R/up LMS Trophy
Denise Armstrong –
Medallist of the Year
Penny Price –
Margaret King Matchplay Trophy
Jenny Mealor –
Eclectic Gross & Nett
Tessa Killmister & Sue Rowell r/up –
Most Birdies

2019 Brighton Shield

Congratulations goes to Brighton but damn, we lost it.  17 matches were played – Brighton winning 7, Nepean 6 and 4 squares.

Jane did a great job of organizing the day along with Robyn, Brighton’s captain and well done all Nepean girls.

2019 XVII Australian Masters Games

An intrepid trio from Nepean ventured across the border to compete in the Masters Games in Adelaide.  They only really wanted a game or two at the Grange.

However it was our illustrious capitano Jane who starred on 2 of the days

GOLD MEDAL followed up by SILVER

Well done Jane – backed up admirably by Ann and Anne.

2019 Club Champions

EXCITING NEWS – Nepean’s first Nine & Dine

The Committee are planning to hold an inaugural twilight game on 10th Jan 2020, @ 5pm.
Further details to come –  its still very much in the ‘planning phase’.

2019 The ‘New’ Pavilion

On the 1st August we celebrated the refurbishment of the Pavilion.

The kitchen has undergone a transformation and to our absolute amazement and delight, they have installed a reverse cycle air conditioner!

Our thanks to the Pavilion Trustees who liaised with the Bayside Council to expedite this project with minimal inconvenience.

2019 The Queen’s Birthday Honours

Noeleen Dix has been awarded an AM for services to Australian Netball.
Congratulations Noeleen.

2019 Postie Fashion Parade – P & C Lunch

Judith – playful
Stella – elegant
Ann –  cheeky!
Judith, Stella, Ann and Yvonne

2019 GOLD Domes

Finally, we have Gold domes on ALL tee boxes.

2019 Charity Guest Day for Ovarian Cancer Australia

The Starters … Raylene & Jane
The big Brass … Jane & Rosie
The Boss giving instructions
And we all listened!!!
Ann Thomas – our Teal fairy
Wendy (guest) & Penny, Ieneke (guest) & Gill 
Stella, Marg, Cathy & Sandy
Mary Clarke – Sandringham President, Flo and guest
Marg, Barb Birch & Joy Gamble
Barb, Rhonda Henderson,Karin Gehr & Brig
Charity Committee on Charity Day Eve
Lunch at the Brighton Clubrooms

2019 Nepean Getaway

The players competing for the Sandra Ritchie Plate … won by Yvonne Lord 35 points.  Congratulations Yvonne!!!!!

Anne Cobham, Venora Smith,
Maryanne O’Connell & Lorraine Mair
Judy Evans, Flo Box
Jane Belcher & Judith Freidin
Joy Gamble, Susie Waite & Ann Thomas
Faith Fitzgerald, Marian Naidoo,
Marg Margitta & Rosie McLean
Dot Stannard, Barb Birch,
Gill Perkins & Yvonne Lord
Fiona Harvey, Stella Torrance,
Carol DeKievit & Terry Weir
Geni Brewster, Marg Gobolyos
& Tessa Killmister
Penny Price, Cathy Linklater & Leigh Wolany

Not to Mention the “Magic” Dress up evening

I Dream Of Geni (Brewster)
Marcel Marceau (Lorraine Mair)
The Golf Fairy (Yvonne Lord)
Our leader (Maryanne O’Connell)

2019 Pennant Final

FINAL RESULT – Nepean 2 matches, Burnley 3 matches.  

Sadly we lost, but all matches were tightly fought out and all played in good spirit against the Burnley girls.  Thanks to all the Nepean Players, Caddies and Supporters.  It has been a great Pennant season, next year will be even better!

2019 New toilets AT LAST!

No not these … they are our stopgap
… but here shows some action
and a finished product
a long time coming

2019 Opening Day

The Pavilion ready for Opening Day
Hot but a very happy gathering!
New Members Sandy, Sonya & Robin
Our President & Captain
Members enjoying the chance to catchup
Everywhere a haze of Nepean blue…
…so much chatter!

2019 Summer Golf wind up!

A massive thank you to these two wonderful ladies, Stella & Geni  for their organisation of our Summer Golf Programme.

2019 New Gold Markers

There are now new Gold markers – domes and tombstones on the 9th, 11th & 18th holes.
The course has been rerated – Slope 118 & Scratch 70
All the other holes  will continue to be played from the previously blue tombstones which are now coloured blue & gold.

New Gold domes & tombstones
New blue/gold markers

2019 Congratulations to Stella Torrence

Stella Torrence  – Hole in One

Jane & Losa witness Stella’s Hole in One
Congratulations Stella!

2019 VALE Judith Helen Barrett Palmer

5th Dec 1941 – 10 January 2019
Nepean Captain  2001/2002

Rest in Peace


2018 Christmas Lunch

Our Christmas lunch was held at the Brighton Savoy on Thursday 6 December which ends the official Nepean season for 2018.  As always the Brighton Savoy provided us with a delightful venue and lunch.

Recipe from “the Queen of Florentines”

By popular demand, our “Queen of Florentines” Maryanne O’Connell has released her secret recipe.  This all came about because a certain life member just had to taste them and scoffed the lot, leaving none for Christmas.  Her plea was to find the “queen” of these baked beauties and get this recipe so her family would be none the wiser.

So here it is with a preparation time of 15-30 minutes (depending on your talent for or ineptitude of baking).


1 1/4 cups of sultanas
1 1/4 cups of slivered almonds
3 cups of cornflakes, lightly crushed
1 cup of chopped glace cherries
1 tin condensed milk
125 g chocolate


  1. Combine all ingredients except chocolate in a large bowl
  2. Line baking trays with baking paper
  3. Drop mixture in small heaps onto trays
  4. Bake in moderately slow oven for 15-20 minutes
  5. Allow to cool before lifting off trays
  6. Chop the chocolate and melt over a saucepan of hot water
  7. Spread melted chocolate over base of biscuit

Recipe Notes

Trays must be lined with paper, not foil, otherwise the biscuits are hard to remove.
Florentines will keep for at least 2 weeks in an airtight container.
With the red and green cherries they look great to serve at Christmas time.

We golfers scrub up quite well!

Table centre pieces by Jan
Raffle prizes donated by all
Carole greeted by Eleanor and Carol
Jan & Yvonne starting off with bubbles
Marj Crotty & Jenny – no drink Jen
Losa & Elaine into nibbles as well
Great to see Barbara, Neradah & Maureen
Gladys also with Rosie
Carole, Geni & Brig
Shiela & Rosemary sitting down for lunch
Cathy, Penny & Carole
Julienne & Dot
Well posed table
Our 9 holers
Pam & Lorraine the only ones taking notice
oh but now a few more
Retiring Committee members

2018 VGL Championships – Minor Champion

Venora Smith, representing Nepean as our Club Champion, continued her fabulous golfing year with the Minor Championship at Waterford Valley Golf Course on Monday 19 November.

Congratulations Venora, great golf.

Venora receiving her trophy
Before the round with Cathy

2018 Brighton Shield

Remains where it should in the Pavilion.  Results were Nepean 6 wins, Brighton 3 wins and 2 squares. 

Great work from all the girls that played and all that were behind the scenes working to make it all happen smoothly.

2018 AGM

The 66th AGM was held in the Pavilion on the 8th November 2018 with 45 members attending.

The new committee was installed with 3 new faces – Marian Naidoo as Assistant Treasurer, Hilary Williams as Co-Handicapper and Amanda Ford to General Committee.

If you wish to know who does what on the committee, please refer to the Committee page.

As always the AGM was followed by the yearly presentations of the major trophies.

Presentation Table – created by …
Jan & Eleanor
Venora Smith – Club Champion
… and Pat Hughes Trophy for Putting
Jenny Mealor – Championship A Grade R/U
… and Pat Hughes Putting R/U (Next year Jen)
Cathy Linklater – Championship B Grade
Yvonne Lord – Championship B Grade R/U
Marg Gobolyos – Championship C Grade
Anne Cobham – Championship C Grade R/U
Cathy Linklater – Betty Montgomery Best Nett
Pam Carney – 9 Hole Champion
Anne Thomas – Presidents Trophy
… and Senior Veterans’ Trophy
Tessa Killmister – Veterans’ Trophy
Judith Friedin – Junior Veterans’ Trophy (again)
The sisters Brig & Riky – Pairs Champions
Raylene & Cathy – Nepean Foursomes
Joy Gamble – Nepean Plate
Anne Cobham – Life Members Trophy
Amanda Ford – Nepean Rose Bowl
… and Captains Trophy
… and Nepean Classic (is that enough Amanda)
Marg Gobolyos – LMS Trophy
Jane Belcher – Medalist of the Year

2018 Club Championships

Our Club Championships started on 6 September in windy and slightly wet conditions.
The next two weeks of competition were played in brilliant sunshine and some great scores were recorded. Congratulations to the winners!

(from left) 9 Hole Champion Pam Carney, B Grade Champion Cathy Linklater, 2018 Club Champion Venora Smith and C Grade Champion Margaret Gobolyos 

2018 VGL Foursomes Champions

On Monday August 27 at Southern Golf Club, Fiona Harvey and Sue Rowell won the VGL Foursomes Championships.  Just to top it off, Fiona managed to also win the NTP.

Well done girls.

2018 President’s and Captain’s Lunch

On Thursday 14 June we celebrated our President, Rosie McLean and our Captain, Fiona Harvey.  These two have made a formidable team over the last 2 years and the club has thrived under their leadership.

It was a lovely day with great company, highlighted by a quiz to see how well we knew these girls, won by Marg Gobolyos.

2018 Winter

Just another day on our golf course – August 9 2018

2018 Pink Day in aid of Breast Cancer Trials

Our annual “pink day” to raise money for Breast Cancer Trials was held on Thursday 10 May and was a great success with a field of 40.

Breast Cancer Trials is a group of world-leading breast cancer doctors and researchers based in Australia and New Zealand with a commitment to finding better treatments and prevention for people affected by breast cancer through clinical trials research.  Find out more on their website.

Fundraising visors will be on sale in the Pavilion from 10 May for $10.  Perfect for golf!

What a score!

19 April 2018 – Hilary congratulations on this AMAZING score!

2018 Getaway

Hilary Williams was the winner of the inaugural Sandra Richie Plate and Jane Belcher the runner up.

2018 Pennant – Nepean Runners-up in B Grade final 

We were runners-up (1-4 matches) to Yarra Bend Ladies in the B Grade Pennant final held on April 30 at Werribee Park Golf Club.

All matches were decided on the last few holes.  Well done to all the players and their caddies and thank you to the spectators who cheered us on.  

The team: Cathy, Raylene, Fiona, Elaine and Brig


Captain Fiona Harvey takes the shield from
the Brighton Golf Club Captain Sue Bamberry
after our win in the Brighton Shield
matchplay event in October 2017

Margaret Gobolyos, Rosie McLean, Fiona Harvey,
Carol DeKievit and Judith Freidin represented
Nepean at the 2017 VGL Committee Golf Day
held at Northern Golf Club.


Pink Day in aid of Breast Cancer Trials 2016

Pink Day 2016