New membership applications are always welcome.

Application for Membership forms may be obtained from the Pavilion, Brighton Public Golf Course any Thursday morning or downloaded (see right hand panel) and mailed to the Secretary. A nomination fee of $150.00 must accompany an application.

Applicants may be required to play with a Committee member and reach a standard of approximately 120 strokes or less for 18 holes. Those already with an official handicap will be exempted. A basic knowledge of the rules and etiquette of golf is desirable.

Upon successful application and payment of required fees (see below), the applicant will become a playing member of Nepean Women’s Golf Club and may play in Club Competitions.

Fees (due and payable by 1st October) for a playing membership for the 2018/2019 season are:

Subscription $ 85.00
Insurance and Affiliation Fees (VGL, GV, & GA) $ 65.25
Golflink $ 2.75
Charity Levy $ 7.00
Total Fees $ 160.00

Membership Categories

Playing Members – all financial members are categorised as playing members whether they play 18 holes, 9 holes or do not play at all. The Club’s constitution allows for 120 playing members.

Social Members – Social membership is open to any past or present member of Nepean to allow those members who cannot or do not wish to continue as playing members to remain a part of the Nepean Women’s Golf Club community. Fee is $35 annually.

Absent Members – this category allows a member, absent from the State of Victoria for the whole of any financial year, not to be liable for an Annual fee for that year provided that they have received approval in writing from the Committee.

Life Members are those voted by the members to have made an outstanding and significant contribution to Nepean Women’s Golf Club over the years. In recognition of this, no fees are levied and life membership has every benefit of all other membership categories.